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Bolle BOLATOV Polycarbonate Visor For Atom Goggle

Bolle Atom Safety Goggles are compact and lightweight. The TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) and flexible frame ensure excellent comfort, whilst providing high protection. The goggles have an adjustable strap for a secure fit, and will fit over prescription spectacles. The lenses have an anti-scratch and anti-fog Platinum Coating. BOLATOAPSI: Clear lens/Ventilated (EN16613BT).BOLATOEPSI: Clear lens/Sealed (EN1661BT 3,4,5).BOLATOFAPSI: Clear lens/Ventilated Foam Seal (EN16613BT).BOLATOEDEPSI: Clear lens/Equaliser (EN1661BT 3,4,5).BOLATOV: Polycarbonate Visor For Atom Goggle (EN16613BT).BOLTOATOM: Lens Covers.The BOLATOV Polycarbonate Visor attaches to Atom goggles to provide protection for the face.Protects against medium energy impacts (120m/s). Conforms to standard: EN1663BT.

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