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BlueSpot Hacksaw Blades Flexible 12in 10Pce

The BlueSpot Flexible Hacksaw Blades are manufactured from flexible high carbon steel for increased durability and cutting power. Suitable for use with all 300mm hacksaws. Specification Length: 300mm (12in).TPI: 24.Pack Size: 10.

BlueSpot Junior Hacksaw Aluminium

All aluminium junior hacksaw frame with comfortable plastic handle. Hardened and tempered, high carbon steel blade. Blade Length: 150mm (6in).

BlueSpot Junior Hacksaw Blades 6in 10Pce

Pack of 10 junior hacksaw blades. Extra flexible. Fit any 150mm (6 in) Junior hacksaw.

Nobex CH24 Spare Blade 630×4024 tpi -framing

Mitre saw blades for use with the Nobex Champion mitre saw. Available in four tooth configurations to suit the task at hand.Blade length 630mm x 24 tpi. Application. Picture Framing.

Nobex CH32 Blade 630×40 32 tpi – Non Ferrous

Mitre saw blades for use with the Nobex Champion mitre saw. Available in four tooth configurations to suit the task at hand.Blade Length. 630mm x 32 tpiApplication. Non Ferrous Metal and Wood.

Nobex Champion Compound Mitre Saw

This compound mitre saw from Nobex has been produced to meet the heavy demands of everyday use. It features 180 mm cutting height at 90° and 125 mm width at 45° with pre-set and stepless locking at any angle. The 500mm aluminium base has metric and imperial measuring scales, and two material clamps are fitted

Jack Xpert Fine Handsaw 22in x 10tpi

IRWIN Jack Hardpoint fine tooth saw ideally suited for cutting hardwood, and for accurate finishing cuts. The 1 mm thick rigid nose blade is designed to offer maximum blade stability and features triple ground teeth 10tpi for ultimate cutting performance. The soft grip handle with finger guide is designed to offer maximum comfort during prolonged

Faithfull Padsaw Handle Complete with Blade

The narrow blade of the padsaw makes it ideal for working in awkward and restricted locations, including cutting out letter boxes, keyholes, switch boxes and cutting behind obstructions. The capabilities of this tool make it an essential selection for most toolboxes. Length: 250mm (10in).Complete with 2 blades. Wooden handle with two blades.Blade size: 250mm (10

Bahco 331-21-51-kp Bowsaw 21in

Bahco 331-15 Bowsaw is a small handy bowsaw for all-round use. The pointed nose makes the saw well suited for use in tight spaces and is ideal for pruning and roofing work. Supplied with either a 23 series blade for cutting green wood or a 51 series blade for cutting dry wood.The Bahco 331-21-51-KP Bowsaw

Bahco 3180-14-XT11-HP Tenon Saw 14in

Bahco professional Superior tenon saw for fine and medium thick materials, specially adapted for cutting of small-section timber and mitre guide sawing. Steel backed tenon saw with XT hardpoint toothing giving a very fast cutting on fine to medium and hard materials. The teeth are bevel ground on a relatively thick blade for high precision

Bahco 300-14-F15 16-HP Toolbox Handsaw 14in

Bahco PrizeCut Toolbox Handsaw is a hardpoint fleam toothed saw.The fine teeth give a smooth cut in a wide variety of wood based materials, aluminium, plastics and laminates. Fitted with a plastic handle which is strong and comfortable in use. Blade Length: 350mm (14in).Teeth: 15 tpi.

Bahco 239 Junior Saw 150mm 6 in

Bahco 239 Junior Saw is a wire framed junior hacksaw with an orange lacquered finish. Fitted with a 32 tpi blade for metal cutting. Blade length: 150mm (6in).

Stanley Junior Hacksaw 0-15-218

Junior hacksaw with square steel frame and moulded grip handle and lower blade tensioner. A lever is incorporated in the handle enabling easy and rapid blade changing. Deep throat for good work capacity.Spare blade included. Blade length: 150mm (6in).

Faithfull Junior Hacksaw

The Faithfull Junior Hacksaw is a compact value for money steel framed saw for cutting light materials and best suited for smaller general sawing where the work piece cannot be firmly secured. Replacement blades available. Blade length: 150mm (6in).

Faithfull Mini Saw

The Faithfull Mini Saw heavier version of the junior hacksaw with an epoxy coated steel frame and moulded pistol-grip handle which incorporates the blade tensioning nut, supplied with a hardened and tempered blade which is ideal for small cutting jobs in metal and wood. Blade Length 150mm (6in).Replacement blades. (FAIJHB or FAIJHBS).

Nobex CH10 Spare Blade 630×4010 tpi – Wood

Mitre saw blades for use with the Nobex Champion mitre saw. Available in four tooth configurations to suit the task at hand.Blade Length. 630mm x 10 tpi. Application. Wood.

Nobex CH18 Spare Blade 630×4018 tpi – Pvc

Mitre saw blades for use with the Nobex Champion mitre saw. Available in four tooth configurations to suit the task at hand.Blade length 630mm x 18 tpi. Application. PVC, Wood, Plaster.

Faithfull Hacksaw Blades pack of 2 12in x 24tpi

The Faithfull High speed steel bi-metal hacksaw blades, virtually unbreakable in normal use. These blades give outstanding performance and are wear resistant. Suitable for most materials, ie, aluminium, copper, brass, steel and cast iron. Available in either 18tpi or 24tpi and supplied two on a card.These Faithfull Hacksaw Blades have ideal toothing for most materials,

Bahco 325 Ergo Hacksaw 300mm 12in

The Bahco 325 Ergo Hacksaw is a truly unique and professional hacksaw frame. It has been ergonomically designed with very high blade tension for straight, accurate and exact cuts. The centred blade allows for correct balance and spring tensioned blade loading mechanism for quick blade changes, with an alternative 55° blade mounting for flush cutting.

Bahco 225-PLUS Hacksaw Frame

Bahco 225-PLUS Hacksaw Frame is a robust frame in which the blade can be locked at 55° or the conventional 90° position. Blade storage section in the top of the robust frame, where a protruding blade may be used as a padsaw. Supplied complete with a Sandflex bi-metal blade. It has a deeper tubular top