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Wera Kraftform Voltage Tester 247 3 x 70 mm

Wera high quality voltage tester with additional resistor for total safety.Application: Voltage testing with a range from 150 – 250 Volts.Blade Length: 70mm.Overall Length: 142mm.

LaserLiner 083027A Socket Tester Plus – Pro Wiring RCD Tester

The Laserliner Socket Tester Plus is a professional wiring and RCD tester for conducting a quick electrical wiring check for user safety and prevent damage to expensive electrical equipment. Verification checks include Polarity-Earth voltage and an RCD test. The RCD test verifies that an RCD rated at 30mA will trip within 300Ms when a nominal

LaserLiner 083030A MultiMeter Analogue – ACDC Voltage Tester

Compact analogue multimeter which provides reliable, fast and precise voltage, current and resistance measurement. It has a battery test function for measuring battery charge status. The multimeter allows function and range changeover without reconnecting cables. It has a large, easy-to-read analogue scale with zero point adjustment. Its compact casing has integrated test leads. CAT III

LaserLiner 083020A ActiveTester – Universal Voltage Tester

The Laserliner ActiveTester is a universal voltage tester for the entire electrical system of buildings. It has twin probes which provide reliable and fast readings with the most commonly used nominal voltages. The ActiveTester provides automatic AC and DC voltage testing and automatic range and function changeover for direct testing and measurement. It has a

LaserLiner 083021A ActiveMaster – Voltage Continuity Tester

The Laserliner ActiveMaster is a practical and reliable device for testing voltage and continuity. It provides automatic AC and DC voltage testing and automatic range and function changeover for direct testing and measurement. In addition, it can be used for single-phase and rotary field testing with phase sequence display and also single-pole phase testing. The

LaserLiner 083026A Socket Check – Quick Socket Wiring Tester

The Laserliner Socket Check is a quick, easy-to-use, plug-in electrical socket wiring check. It is ideal for checking the safe wiring of sockets to prevent damage to electrical equipment. Three clear LED indicator lights show faults, including:Live/neutral reverse.Live/earth reverse.Neutral faults and Live faults.Missing earth connection.

LaserLiner 082003A DampCheck – Damp Meter

The Laserliner DampCheck is a compact moisture measuring device. It is ideal for checking the dryness in timber and checking the moisture content within building materials. It has an LED wet/dry indicator with 3 colours (green = dry, yellow = moist, red = wet), which provide immediate information about the tested material’s degree of moisture

LaserLiner 080955A CombiFinder Plus – Metal AC Wall Scanner

The Laserliner Combifinder Plus is an electronic device with LCD display for the easy detection of iron/solid bar, copper/water pipes and live electrics within wall structures. It permits targeted scanning for metals, such as reinforcing iron, heating pipes and water pipes. The user guide on the LCD screen makes it accurate and reliable to use.

LaserLiner 080965A MultiFinder Plus – Universal Wall Scanner

The Laserliner MultiFinder Plus is a multi-detector for stud, metal, copper and live voltage. This four-in-one electronic scanner has one button operation to switch between different modes. It is easy to use and its large clear LCD screen makes locating the object simple. The MultiFinder Plus has auto-calibration, which automatically adjusts the device immediately to

LaserLiner 080972A StarFinder Plus – Wood Metal Stud Finder

The Laserliner StarFinder Plus is an electronic device with LCD display for the easy detection of iron/solid bar, and live electrics within wall structures. The user guide on the LCD screen makes it accurate and reliable to use. The scanner has an auto-calibration, which automatically adjusts the device immediately to different surfaces. An acoustic signal

LaserLiner 082015A DampFinder Compact – Damp Meter

The Laserliner DampFinder Compact is a universal device for ascertaining moisture in building materials and for quick checks when working with wood. It has a triple scale for wood groups A (beech, linden, willow, ebony) and B (pedunculate oak, maple, alder, spruce, birch, ash) and universal index mode. It is suitable for use on aerated

LaserLiner 082028A ClimaCheck – Digital Humidity Tempurature

The Laserliner ClimaCheck is a digital device that measures relative humidity and ambient temperature. It can be used as a tabletop device with its fold-out stand/clip. It also features an integrated magnetic holder and has a digital display with min/max values. Supplied with 1 x AAA battery. Ambient temperature measuring range: 0-50°C.Temperature accuracy: ±1°C.Relative air

LaserLiner 082038A ThermoSpot One – Infrared Temperature Meter

The Laserliner ThermoSpot One is a non-contact infrared device which is ideal for taking surface temperature measurements of all types of materials. It is ideal for pipes, radiators, liquids and hazardous areas such as moving machine parts or live electrical installations. The thermometer has a focusing laser for precise targeting and a hold function which

LaserLiner 083010A ActiveFinder- Contactless Voltage Tester

The Laserliner ActiveFinder is a contactless, handy voltage tester for working safely on electrical lines. It locates electrical voltages in cables, sockets, bulb sockets and fuses. In addition it determines the polarity of L/N conductors (e.g. on sockets or terminals) and finds breaks in wires and cables. The ActiveFinder has extremely high sensitivity for tracing

LaserLiner 080970A StarFinder – Stud AC Voltage Scanner

The Laserliner StarFinder is an electronic device for the detection of both wood and metal studs and live electrics within drywall structures. It is a quick and reliable scanner, with auto-calibration which automatically adjusts the device immediately to different surfaces. An acoustic signal sound and visual super bright LED light indicator will signal on locating

Facom Clip-On Multimeter

The Facom 712A Clip-On Multimeter is ideal for mobile maintenance work. It features automatic calibration, making it easy to use with no risk of error. Its wide screen provides clear, detailed readings. The Multimeter has a shock-proof casing which is resistant to industrial environments. It meets safety standard requirements and allows contact-free measurements. The multimeter

Faithfull pH Meter 200mm Long Probe

This Faithfull pH meter is easy to use and an essential instrument for both the professional and keen gardening enthusiast, providing a quick no fuss method of measuring the pH (acidity and alkalinity) value of soil. Knowing the pH value is very important and directly influences the health of plants. Using this meter to provide

Ridgid DM-100 Micro Digital Multimeter

The Ridgid DM-100 Micro Digital Multimeter is a True RMS and AutoRanging unit, which provides accurate and fast measurements in all applications. It features 11 different electrical functions ranging from AC/DC Voltage and Current (1,000 Volt) to temperature measurements. The multimeter has a double moulded water-resistant (1m) IP67 housing. It is also drop-proof and perfectly

Ridgid CM-100 Micro Clamp Meter

The Ridgid CM-100 Micro Clamp Meter is a true RMS and AutoRanging digital clamp meter with a large capacity and measuring range. It can clamp around cables up to 30mm O.D. and measure current up to 1,000A AC/DC. The clamp meter can also be used as a multimeter for 8 other functions, and will provide

Stanley Stud Sensor 100

The Stanley Intelli Tools Stud Sensor 100 uses electronic signals to locate edges of studs, joists or live AC wires through drywall or other common building materials. Once the edge of the stud has been detected, the Stud Sensor 100 displays red LED’s and sounds an audible tone. A V-shaped marking channel with an LED