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Stanley Decor Paperhanging Brush 0-29-593

A paper hanging brush with a grooved wooden handle to provide extra control during use. It has synthetic filaments. Size: 200 mm (8in).

Stanley Hobby Seam Roller 0-28-810

Tough synthetic roller attached to a single arm frame. Used for smoothing down butting edges of wallpaper.

Wagner Spraytech W14 Wallpaper Steamer 240v

The Wagner W14 Wallpaper Steam Stripper which is ideal for trouble-free removal of old wallpaper with steam. It has a lightweight steam bar and integral automatic cut out protects against overheating. Steam is applied to the old surface via the large pad and the old paper simply stripped off. Environmentally friendly work with no chemical

Earlex LMB275 SteamMaster Wallpaper Stripper 240v

The LMB275 has a patented stand on platform that allows the user to stand on the Steammaster to reach those tricky areas and ceilings without the use of a step ladder. It has two thermal protection devices and a pressure release valve and the large 7.5 litre tank has a long run time, making it great

Earlex LMB176 SteamMaster Wallpaper Stripper 110v

A professional wallpaper stripper with a patented step design and protected by a tubular steel frame, the LMB176 has two thermal protection devices and a pressure release valve. Ideal for stripping multi-layered wallpapers, vinyls and painted wallpaper.

Earlex LCS270 Pro Steam Wallpaper Stripper 240 Volt

Strong frame with hand grip makes this stripper mobile. Specification5 metres of mains cable and steam hose.Neon on/off switch2 thermal protection devicesIntegral water level indicator7.5 litre water tank2750 watt heater

Earlex LCS176 Pro Steam Wallpaper Stripper 110 Volt

The Earlex LCS Pro Steam Wallpaper Stripper is a compact lightweight professional wallpaper stripper ideal for heavy weight on site jobs. Large anodised 7.5 litre water tank for 90 minutes continuous steam time. Ideal for multi-layered wallpapers, vinyls and painted wallpaper. Specification Input Power: 230V: 2,750 Watt, 110V: 1,760 Watt.Tank: 7.5 litre. Running Time: 90 min/ 180 min.Hose

Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Maxisteam Wallpaper Stripper 240 Volt

The Earlex SS125UKP Maxi Steam Wallpaper Stripper is ideal for the first time buyer or infrequent decorator as it machine is easy to use. The Earlex SS125UKP will remove all types of wallpaper – multi-layered, painted and even Artex. The Earlex SS125UKP is fitted with a powerful 2000 watt element that heats the water more

Earlex SS77Ukp Semi Pro Wallpaper Stripper

This Earlex SS77UKP Semi Pro Wallpaper Stripper is ideal for frequent decorators. It has a large 5 litre water capacity giving it greater duration of use for larger areas, and less refilling. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways of removing all types of wallpaper – multi-layered, painted, and even Artex®. The system

Black Decker KX3300T Wallpaper Stripper 2300W 4L

Black & Decker 2300 Watt Wallpaper Stripper used for removing wallpaper from walls and other flat surfaces. Steam pad is held over the area of paper to be removed. Once softened, the paper can be easily scraped away with a conventional stripping knife. Safety features include a pressure release valve incorporated in the body and

Wagner Spraytech W15 240 Volt Power Wallpaper Steamer

The Wagner W15 Wallpaper Steam Stripper provides fast and easy removal of all types of wall coverings. Supplied with large see through steam plate and additional small plate for difficult to reach areas. Made from lightweight material with a 3.65m long cool touch hose. Automatic cut-out to prevent overheating. Specification Input Power: 2,000 Watt. Tank: 4

Faithfull Soft Grip Seam Roller – Soft

This Faithfull Seam Roller has a soft grip handle for excellent comfort. The soft roller is ideal for use on embossed wallpaper, so that the pattern is not flattened. Width: 48mm.

Faithfull Soft Grip Seam Roller – Wooden

This Faithfull Seam Roller has a soft-grip handle for excellent comfort. The wooden roller is ideal for use on thin or flat sheet wallpapers. Width: 38mm.

Stanley Synthetic Paste Brush 4-29-527

A synthetic paste brush for pasting wallpaper and wall coverings. Pot clip to hang the brush easily when not in use. Size: 130mm x 40mm.

Stanley Maxi Orbital Wallpaper Scorer 4-26-452

The orbital wallpaper scorer is ideal for the fast removal of wallcoverings. It perforates the surface to allow easy penetration of a stripping solution or steam. It has an easy-grip handle, with rotary carbon steel cutting wheels.

Stanley Stainless Steel Paper Hangers Scissors 4-14-005

The tapered and curved stainless steel blades provide maximum access and precise cutting of wet and dry wallpaper. Traditional style paper hangers scissors. Size: 275 mm (11in).

Stanley Tools Dynagrip Wallpaper Seam Roller

This Stanley Seam Roller has a rubber roller head which gives a great finish when smoothing wallpaper seams. It has a soft DynaGrip handle for extra comfort and control.

Zinsser Triple Head Paper Tiger

The Paper Tiger® Triple Head scoring tool has unique patented scoring wheels that perforate wallpaper allowing wallpaper stripper to penetrate. It is perfect for large wallpaper removal projects. The triple heads work rapidly to cut through several layers of wallpaper without damaging walls.Paper Tiger® Triple Head makes light work of wallpaper removal. Simply run it

Earlex PS0302 Switch LMB176275

Range of Earlex Steammaster Spares.

Earlex PS0303 Radiator Cap With Plastic Thread

Range of Earlex Steammaster Spares.1 x Earlex PS0303 Radiator Cap with Plastic Thread