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Pest Stop Smoke Generator 3.5G

The Pest-Stop Fumite Insect Killer works by releasing a smoke which kills all insects it comes into contact with within an enclosed area. It is therefore ideal for thorough treatment of houses and storage areas against infestations of insects such as cockroaches and fleas. It is also ideal for treating inaccessible areas, such as roofs, nooks and crannies and inside machinery. It is supplied ready-to-use and does not require mixing or application equipment. It is easy to use – simply place on a fireproof base, light the wick and leave for at least 1 hour. The smoke is non-tainting and leaves no residue colour. Supplied in a 3.5mg bottle. Flying insects – 1 smoke generator treats 120 cubic metres. Fleas / Bed bugs – 1 smoke generator treats 30 cubic metres. Ants / Cockroaches – 1 smoke generator treats 7.5 cubic metres. The room to be treated should be cleared of people, plants,and animals (including fish) before use.

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