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Record Power DP16B Bench Drill With Cast Iron Handwheel

Bringing versatility, reliability, along with traditional Record Power build quality, the Reord Power DP16B is within easy reach of the home woodworker and discerning DIY enthusiast. Featuring four speeds to allow for a great variety of materials to be drilled, such as; wood, metal, plastic etc. A wide variety of bits can be accepted as well, with the cast iron table able to tilt up to 45º can accept most drill press vices, ensuring for secure holding for improved accuracy and safety. The table can be adjusted to the side of the machine so the base can be used as a working table, which also accepts drill press vices, which is great for when extra capacity is needed. For additional strength and performance, the headstock also features cast iron, giving weight to reduce vibration, along with a cast iron handwheel. The Bench Drill also includes an accurate, positive depth stop, making it great for accurate repeat boring.

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